Getting to Know Your Prospects Better

September 19,2016

How well do you know your potential client? Have you done your research on them before you picked up the phone or did you wait until you set up the meeting to find out? There is nothing more important than getting to know your client base. Here are a few helpful ways you can build trust and credibility before pitching your product or services.

What you need to know and where you’ll find it:

Level of Influence

Are they popular on social media? You might have seen the tiny K icon above your Salesforce profile but weren’t sure what it meant. Klout lets you know the level of influence your prospects have on social media and assigns them a quality score. For example, you might have over 1,000 followers on Twitter and get a score of 30, because none of them are leaders or influencers of their industries. Then, you have someone with 100 followers, but Bill Gates and Warren Buffet just happen to be 2 of them. Guess who has the higher score? Less is definitely more in this case.

Level of Importance

Are they well connected? The best place to find out how well connected your prospects are is through LinkedIn. Forget about how many connections they have, it’s who they are connected to that matters most. Start by sending an intro message to your prospect, which should be right to the point. Let them know the reason you contacted them or if you have contacted them in past, the reason for the follow up. They can always help introduce you to their connections if things don’t work out, so make sure you leave a lasting first impression.

Level of Interest

Do you share anything in common with your prospect? You can dig a bit deeper into common interests on Facebook. You can see which sports teams they follow, which TV shows they love and if they prefer country music over rock. Yep, you can find all of this invaluable information through the world’s largest social network. All you need to do is enter the contact’s name and go to the About section. Scroll down until you see the categories of Sports, Music, Movies & Books. You will gain a ton of valuable insight into each prospect using this nifty little trick.

Closing Thoughts

The Internet has blessed us with a score of tools to gather enough information on each contact to make a lasting first impression. The more you know about your Salesforce prospect, the easier you’ll be able to sell them on your services. The conversation will flow a lot more smoothly once you know your prospect on a more personal level. Do you have any positive lead generation experiences using Klout? Please let us know about them in the comments below.

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