How to Leverage Social Media to Generate More Quality Leads

September 22,2016
As a sales rep, you spend the vast majority of your day scouring the web in the hopes of finding new leads. Each lead is a potential prospect and so begins the sales lifecycle process. But before you do a Google search and gather a list of potential contacts, you might want to spend a little bit more of your effort improving your social media presence. 
Brand awareness is crucial in building a lasting relationship between your company and your customers. You might be the leaders of your particular industry, but if you’re not constantly promoting your brand, your customers will quickly forget about you and go elsewhere. That’s a missed opportunity and another potential sale not in your list of deals closed. Such a shame, isn’t it? 
Social media is a beautiful thing. It gives us all the needed tools and resources to connect with our audience. Think of it as a marketing seed to help grow your lead generation tree. Seeds must be constantly watered or in this case, updated on a daily basis, to ensure healthy longevity and long term success. Lead generation becomes more simplified once you understand your targeted audience. You are then able to separate the wheat from the chaff and deliver more actionable results for your sales team. A great tip for audience segmentation on LinkedIn is to head over to the Advanced section and do a search based on specific criteria. More relevant leads and the best part is that it’s free! 
Now, let’s talk a bit about social media posting frequency. How often do you update your business page on Facebook or company page on LinkedIn? If the answer is a week or longer, you might want to share this post right now! You should generally aim for one or two posts on your Facebook Business page per day and only one post on your LinkedIn company profile. Use LinkedIn to post more business related topics and Facebook to experiment. 
Once your post is up, you will then want to amplify it to reach a much larger audience of potential leads through groups. Both LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to join groups, but they are both limited, so make sure you join the right groups. LinkedIn is a lot stricter with this rule. Don’t join 50 groups in one shot either. Wait until you get approved by the admin of each group and be sure to send a quick thank you message as well. Use the groups to your advantage by sharing helpful posts that will benefit the group or by adding your professional opinion on a discussion. Be very careful not to be spammy and post only once per day in each group. Most groups won't allow you more than one post per day, so instead choose your content wisely. 
Post in a handful of groups and schedule the other posts for a different day. Here’s how to do it on Facebook. On your company page, you have an option just above your cover image that says Publishing Tools. Click on the Scheduled Posts option. You will then see a button that says Create on the far right. Once you’ve entered your post, you will then want to click on the Schedule button and set the time and date according to your preferences.    

Closing Thoughts
Ok, so now you know where to spend more of your time searching for leads on LinkedIn and Facebook, where to publish your posts and how to reach your audience. Congratulations, you’re well on your way to building a successful social media campaign and raising more brand awareness! 
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