How to Delight Your Customers

September 25,2016


There is an effective acronym in which you can follow to help increase brand awareness, drive more qualified leads and boost sales. This process is called Delight. 
D-E-L-I-G-H-T - Deliver. Engage. Listen. Interest. Gather. Human. Thank.
Deliver - Deliver compelling content. You might have the most amazing product on the market or testimonials from some of the largest companies, but your readers won’t make it that far unless the headline grabs their attention right away. The content itself must be both beneficial and informative. Include tips, lists, infographics and explain the benefits of using your product or services. 
Engage - Engage your audience. Social media is a two-way street. You’re starting a conversation with a potential prospect and slowly earning their trust, one post at a time. Facebook engagement can be anything from a Like to a share, with the latter more valuable in terms of brand reach. Keep your audience fully engaged by asking questions and getting their feedback whenever possible.  
Listen - Listen to your audience for feedback and suggestions. How well do you know your audience? Your voice and tone must feel as genuine and authentic as possible in order to build trust and credibility within your community. Your tone should be helpful, informative and engaging. Make sure each post counts and that you’re speaking the language of your audience. 
Interest - Gain your audience’s interest through relevant and informative posts. Focus on giving your audience benefits and tips rather than spamming them with sales promotions every single post. You must always keep the conversations flowing, which is the main concept behind building a winning social media brand awareness plan. 
Gather - Gather as much data on your audience as possible through Google Analytics. Analytics will help you measure what’s working and give you insight on how to custom tailor your next posts with more effective results. You can use Facebook and LinkedIn Insights to see which posts are engaging most. Be sure to ask questions and conduct a survey every now and then to collect valuable feedback. 
Human - Your audience is human, so speak to them more on a personal level instead of sounding robotic. The key to writing engaging posts is to use human emotions to express yourself. Humor is always a good thing. Don’t be afraid to post something funny every now and then. Or maybe you want to inspire people with a great quote. 
You should always try to include company photos from trade shows or team events. It shows that you relate to them on a human level. And that distinguishes you from being robotic. 
Thank - Always thank your audience. Whether they subscribed to a blog (and please feel free to do so here, we thank you kindly!), downloaded an e-book or completed a form registration, they clearly showed interest in your company. That also translates into a more qualified lead for your sales team. So, make sure you take the time to express your gratitude. 
Closing Thoughts 
You will gain a much better understanding of your audience and what their needs are through time and testing. It takes a while to build a community and turn an interested prospect into an SQL and eventually close the deal. The key is to be patient and persistent. Don’t forget to keep your social media pages updated daily and to follow up on each lead. If you have a blog, make sure it’s also updated regularly as well. Give your audience a reason to return and they most certainly will.