4 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Increase Lead Generation Like a Pro

October 16,2016
Are you looking to drive more qualified leads to your website? Of course, you are, who wouldn’t be! 
Here are 4 simple and cost efficient ways you can increase lead generation: 
Host Regular Webinars - Webinars are a great way to attract new leads. They also allow you to stand out from your competition and gain recognition as an industry authority of your field. Webinars also establish a sense of credibility, which gives you a deeper connection with your list of prospects. Try to host a webinar at least once a month or if you have a new product you want your clients to know about right away. The information you collect from each lead with the sign-up registration on your landing page can then be transferred over to your sales team, so they can follow up. Send your guests an email immediately after the webinar to garner crucial feedback and build more meaningful relationships with each person. 
Target Your Landing Pages Correctly- If you’re running an AdWords campaign, you know how critical each keyword is when it comes to doing a search. But one often overlooked aspect of landing pages is the actual ad context itself. You can drastically improve your campaign by matching the ad to the content on the landing page. For example .if someone is searching for Salesforce ISV Partners in your ad, clicked through to your landing page and did not find those keywords listed on your landing page, they become a missed opportunity. Even worse, Google may think you are misleading your visitors altogether and show fewer impressions due to a low Quality Score rank. Make sure your ad mirrors the text on your landing page as closely as possible and include your CTA form submission where visitors can locate it easily. Don’t forget to A/B Test as well.  
Guest Blogging - Guest blogging is great for building more backlinks from trusted and well-respected thought leaders and influencers throughout your industry. Reach out to them and politely ask if they would be interested in contributing to your blog. If the guest blogger is kind enough to link to your site, make sure you send them a nice thank you email. You can decide if offering them monetary compensation is worth the return for a product or service that urgently needs promotion. Another huge benefit is the scale of their audience or followers. The guest blogger can amplify your blog post to reach a much larger audience, and influence people to make purchasing decisions based on their recommendations. 
Create SlideShare Presentations - SlideShare allows you to create beautiful presentations that your audience will want to read and share. SlideShare is ideal for increasing lead generation as it is also owned by LinkedIn, which means that it is viewed by over 70 million unique visitors per month. Each slide counts, so make sure you add visually appealing images and keep the text to no more than 30 words per slide. The first slide is the most important one since it displays as the thumbnail. Include an enticing image that will grab your audience’s attention. SlideShare is also SEO friendly, so add your targeted keywords within the title, tags, and description to get the most out of your SlideShare marketing presentation.  
Closing Thoughts
And there you have it, 4 tried and tested ways to drive more leads. Always check your Analytics to see if there was a spike in performance since you began implementing these new ideas. Like any great marketing campaign, it’s going to be a matter of trial and error, but you will at least have a better indication on where to focus your marketing efforts on.